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Latent and sensible heat separation air conditioning system

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Passive use

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Air conditioning


The internally developed aluminum slit radiant panels have a good load response to sensible heat processes in the room, enabling energy efficient operation. The cold water supplied is 16°C to 20°C and the hot water is 28°C to 38°C, which is close to the indoor environment and allows direct use of renewable energy sources such as geothermal or solar energy. The only energy consumed by the air conditioner is the power of the pump and no heat pump is used. 

 The desiccant unit (DC) and sensible heat exchanger (SHEX) unit use renewable energy or waste heat to process the latent heat in the outside air to keep the absolute humidity of the outside air below 8g/kg, creating a comfortable indoor humidity environment. 

 This radiant panel air conditioning system does not control the room temperature, but independently controls the PMV (mean expected warmth/coolness statement) of the indoor ambient index, thus providing a human-friendly and healthy indoor environment. Moreover, this latent and sensible heat air conditioning system minimizes energy consumption, which is essential for a zero energy building (ZEB).

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